997+ Active Dark Web Telegram Groups & Channel List 2024

Are you trying to know what is Dark Web (Net) is? How to surf the Dark Web? Then you should join the below listed Dark Web Telegram Groups right now.

The dark web is so obscure that most people don’t even know it exists. They only care about how it looks and what happens inside. That’s why everybody thinks it’s something unique.

Having said that, using the dark web is not illegal in and of itself. Aside from avoiding government censorship of content, and spreading information, the dark web is also sometimes used for less harmful purposes due to its anonymity.

This is due to the lack of indexing or control over the pages, making them highly difficult to navigate. When Internet browsing is done incorrectly, you may lose money and experience trouble, and you may have trouble finding something valuable.

Tor, a popular dark web browser, uses onion routing to ensure anonymity for users, but websites that you visit may still be able to see your identity. Data originating from a user is encrypted several times before it reaches its destination, adding layers of security and making the source of the data anonymous.

Recently we have been experiencing some issues so that our team can’t share private Tor links, deep web marketplace links, CP p@rn sites, illegal activities sites, scam reports, etc.

Telegram has been suggested as the best way of sharing such content privately with the community recently, but we found it to be the most efficient. Therefore, we are presenting you with an overview of some dark web girl telegram groups where you can find all the activities that are associated with the dark web.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web may still be a mystery to you, so let’s clarify what it is and how it differs from other webs. .onion is the domain extension used on the dark web while .com or .gov. are used on other websites. .com and .gov. are just some examples of normal web extensions.

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On the dark web, users can access those “.onion” sites through the use of certain browsers. Tor is one of the most popular browsers. The encryption of Tor has multiple layers, like that of an onion. Users can remain anonymous because of this.

There is an outstanding level of security encryption used when you access a website with the “.onion” extension so that it is almost impossible for anyone to track your activities.

What are Dark Web Telegram Groups?

Dark web websites, as you might have guessed, are hidden from the “normal” internet. These websites require a special browser to be accessed.

So then, why are dark web telegram channels and groups available? There are several websites with the “.onion” extension available, but for you to access them, you must know their exact name.

There are some useful and most popular onion website links included with a brief description in these telegram channels and groups, so please browse through them for some useful information. There are some new trusted onion websites added regularly to these telegram channels and groups.

But do not blindly trust them, because they might be lying. They may be part of the websites themselves. We’re going to take a look at these links of the community and see what we can find out there.

Top Dark Web Telegram Groups to Join List 2024

Due to the privacy policy scandal with WhatsApp, which took place in January 2021, Telegram was one of the most popular apps to replace WhatsApp the privacy policy of the app.

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The privacy scandal with WhatsApp has made Telegram the most popular app. The high privacy standards of Telegram have resulted in a completely new channel of customers, so-called threat actors, taking advantage of this popularity.

dark web telegram groups

According to these standards, a lot of dark web telegram groups are moving their platforms to Telegram, where they can communicate, exchange information, and even sell what information they have on their website.

Because the entire process can be carried out in secret without exposing any identity as a result of the privacy policies of Telegram, it has become the favorite messaging app for dark web groups.

Let’s take a look at the below list of top telegram groups on the dark web.

Sr.Dark Web Group NamesJoining Link
1⚫Dark web⚫Join Now
3Darknet MarketsJoin Now
4Dark Net | TorJoin Now
5DARK NET🕷Join Now
6Darknet market👨🏾‍💻💰📡💳Join Now
7Joker’s DarkNet Market 👿🤑Join Now
8🖤BlackAnimeJoin Now
9Dark Web MoneyJoin Now
10DarkerWeb 007Join Now
11Dark FlexJoin Now
12Dark Web AzerbaijanJoin Now
13😈DARK EVILS😈Join Now
14Dark Web Trending StuffJoin Now
15Dark Web OfficialJoin Now
16𝐃𝟑𝐫𝐤 𝐒𝐞𝐜 𝐀𝐫𝐌𝐲Join Now
17Nullbyte HacksJoin Now
18Premium CardingJoin Now
19Dark SeriesJoin Now
20Dark Web SitesJoin Now

Null Leaks

One of the largest leak-sharing platforms, this Ukrainian group shares leaks as well as the stories that go along with them. It is noteworthy that there is also a sub-group called the VIP sub-channel where people are encouraged to join.

NSDAP France

There are videos, images, and messages posted on this channel that attack racism, white supremacy, Zionism, and feminism, as well as assisted reproductive technology (ART) through surrogacy and LGBT adoptions.


In Europe and the USA, a leak-sharing platform based on VIP sub-groups sells databases of prominent companies. There are now 1.500 subscriber accounts on this Telegram channel today.

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What are the Advantages of Dark Web Telegram?

Along with the ability to chat with groups and individuals, Telegram also allows users to create private groups that can hold as many as 200.000 members and run completely anonymously.

  • Cyberspace is a great place for sharing news.
  • Cybersecurity gaps must be addressed by corporations.
  • To accept new members, create smaller chat rooms.
  • Leaks of corporate data are marketed and sold.
  • Start auctioning off some high-value information.
  • They form VIP groups to share their leaks periodically and pay periodic fees for membership.
  • Deliver malicious software via Telegram bots to more devices.

FAQ – Dark Web Telegram Groups

Following are some important frequently asked questions about the Dark web telegram.

Is Telegram part of the dark web?

No, Telegram is not a part of the dark web but can be used to build a community of dark web surfers.

How can I find a secret group on Telegram?

There are many Telegram secret groups but all groups are private so you can’t find them on Telegram. You may join some private telegram secret groups here.

Which is the best Dark Net Telegram Channel?

You may look at the above list to find the best Dark web telegram channel.

How to join the Dark Web Telegram Group?

If you want to become a part of the dark web group on Telegram then you just need to click on the given invite link and that’s it.

In a Nutshell

The fact that criminals transition between these various messaging applications often makes it critical for law enforcement agencies and security agencies to maintain broad coverage of the dark web to remain abreast of the latest and most relevant messaging applications used by cybercriminals.

Here at Telegrampilot, we deliver the most relevant and updated Telegram dark web groups. We’re continually discovering dozens of new dark web Telegram groups and channels and other relevant sources. Stay updated with this page.


These dark web telegram groups are dangerous to join because of happening various illegal activities. We write this only for educational and awareness purposes. You’re solely responsible for any trouble you may experience.

Note:~ These telegram groups are public and do not belong to us. They were collected from websites across the web. We just posted it as a piece for educational & entertainment purposes. This site does not contain any explicit or sexual content. You join at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any inconvenience you may experience.

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