10+ Best Telegram Channel for Option Trading (2024)

If you are interested in learning some free tips and tricks for trading options, then you might be interested in the Best Option Trading Telegram Channel. We are happy to assist you if you fall into this category. The following blog post contains a list of the best Telegram channels for option trading.

It is true that you can learn a great deal about trading by investing some money in the Telegram Channel we mentioned earlier.

As a result, if you wish to obtain all the necessary information about the best option trading telegram channel Sebi registered, you should read the entire article.

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What is Option Trading Telegram Channel?

Top Options trading telegram channels are channels dedicated to providing information about option trading. They provide information about the latest news and market trends, as well as tips and advice on how to successfully trade options. They are a great resource for those looking to learn more about options trading.

They are also a great way to connect with other traders, share ideas and strategies, and stay up to date on the latest developments in the options trading world. Option trading telegram channel India can also provide access to trading tools and resources to help traders make informed decisions.

Best Telegram Channels for Option Trading in 2024

There are few markets in the world that are as vibrant and active as the Indian Stock Market. Moreover, it is also one of the most unpredictable and volatile markets in the world. Trading in such a market requires staying updated and following the experts. In order to do that, you should follow to top options trading Telegram channels.

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#1: Vision Option Trading

Channel link: https://t.me/Vision_Optiontrading

In terms of stock market news and updates, Vision Trading is one of the top Telegram channels. As a result of the channel’s highly experienced and well-known Intraday trading expert team, it has grown to serve over 11K subscribers as of today.


  • Expert in trading BankNifty
  • High-accuracy option call every day for free
  • Free and premium services are available
  • A good level of customer service

#2: MARKET MASTERS (Sebi certified analyst)

Channel link: https://t.me/+El3XIqXHd3JkMDI1

Besides being a SEBI-registered channel, this is another one that is growing rapidly, sharing brief market updates, Nifty investment calls, and indicators of the chart. This will enable you to see the price trend in a clearer and more understandable way. As far as free Intraday trading ideas go, there’s no fixed number, but you’ll be able to get more than 6-8 calls a week if you’re lucky.


  • Weekly Nifty market chart performance
  • Free trading calls
  • Free & Paid Services are available
  • Excellent Customer Support

#3: Shivam Trading

Channel link: https://t.me/ShivamTradingacademy

Today, Shivam Trading Academy has become one of the most popular trading channels on the internet. The Telegram channel for options trading is a great way to learn everything you need to know about trading in order to make money.


  • Learn everything related to trading
  • Free trading calls
  • High-accuracy option call every day for free
  • Good Customer Support

#4: Honest Stock Marketer

Channel link: https://t.me/+vMkQRKdjo8s5YzRl

As one of the most popular channels on Telegram for Intraday Trading, Honest Stock Marketer has over ten thousand subscribers and is one of the most active channels.

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There are several trading calls that they offer on their channels, including the bank nifty and stock options, so it is an all-in-one channel for intraday traders.

There is a best Telegram channel for bank nifty options and comprehensive educational content on both options and intraday trading.


  • 2-3 free intraday option calls
  • There is a capital requirement of 20-30k
  • Expired special hero-zero call on BankNifty
  • Premium subscriptions at an affordable price

#5: StockPro Index Trading (SEBI Registered)

Channel link: https://t.me/stockproindextrading

Telegram channel StockPro Index Trading provides high-quality options calls and educates people about index options trading. As of writing this, it has over 60.6K subscribers and provides a lot of educational content and recommendations. Options trading channel with one of the fastest growth rates on Telegram!


  • Experts with years of experience
  • Live data can be used to generate signals
  • Up to 80-85% accuracy

#6: BankNifty (Call/Put) – RK Traders

Channel link: https://t.me/+r092I_djCTdmMTQ1

When it comes to Telegram channels for options trading, RK Traders is another good choice. Over 8000 subscribers subscribe to the channel, which specializes in Nifty50 and Bank Nifty options trading. You can also access more detailed recommendations through their premium service.


  • Up to 90% accuracy
  • Profit Guaranteed Daily
  • A quality performer

#7: Tade Order (Sebi Registered)

Channel link: https://t.me/tradeorder

In this channel, investment ideas are shared over the short- or long-term. There are currently over 109.3K subscribers in this group. All information given here is intended to be educational only and includes chart analysis and trading calls. They are SEBI-registered, so you can explore their premium package if you wish.


  • Shared short & long-term investment ideas
  • Sebi Registered Analyst
  • Have Premium Package.

#8: Bombay Trader

Channel link: https://t.me/ShareMarket_Intraday

One of the top Telegram channels for stock options trading is Bombay Masters. It currently has over 7.8K subscribers and offers recommendations with a nifty options trading telegram channel, Nifty50, Bank Nifty, and Stock Options trading.

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There are both free and premium services, with the latter providing more detailed recommendations. Bombay Masters also offers live charts and analysis to its users, improving the experience.


  • Personalized recommendations at no cost
  • Get free stock options and BankNifty calls
  • Analyzes and displays live charts

#9: The Options Club

Channel link: https://t.me/optionsclub

Here is another Best Option Trading Telegram Channel that only shares trading calls. In brief, they do not send technical or chart analyses, but instead, post information about signals. In any case, all information posted here is for educational purposes only, and you should consult a financial advisor before making any decisions.


  • Post Information about Signals
  • Shares Trading Calls
  • Best for Learning Purposes

#10: Bull’s Thrive

Channel link: https://t.me/+nKcnof9BysQyNDM1

A fast-growing Telegram channel, this channel is one of the most popular. Despite the fact that they are not SEBI registered, they offer the best tips and tricks for trading options. Here you’ll get Live Chart Analysis & Ideal Setup for Trading, Buying, and Selling Ideas, as well as much more knowledge.


  • Buying & Selling Ideas
  • Live Chart Analysis
  • Tips & Tricks of Option Trading

Best Option Trading Telegram Channels Link List 2024

Option Trading ChannelJoining Link
Vision Option TradingLink
MARKET MASTERS (Sebi certified analyst)Link
Shivam TradingLink
Honest Stock MarketerLink
StockPro Index Trading (SEBI Registered)Link
BankNifty (Call/Put) – RK TradersLink
Tade Order (Sebi Registered)Link
Bombay TraderLink
The Options ClubLink
Bull’s ThriveLink


Which is the best Telegram channel for option trading?

There are many telegram channels for option trading available on the internet but you just need to search on Google or you may explore this article.

Bottom Line

I hope you enjoyed our article on the Best Telegram Channel for Option Trading. Today’s article shares with you a list of the top 10 Telegram channels where you can learn more about trading options. After reading today’s option trading post, you can leave a comment if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide investment or financial advice. The information provided here should only be used for educational purposes.

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